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We have been using Datatime systems for approximately 7 years as our time and attendance solution. During that time we have always found it to be an excellent method of recording employees hours as well as recording and monitoring holidays, sickness and other absences. It is flexibly enough to cope efficiently with the number of different shift patterns we operate on our site, it integrates well with our payroll system and enables us to upload hours directly onto the payroll therefore eliminating the need to spend hours having to manually input hours. The staff at Datatime are always extremely helpful and resolve any problems or issues we have encountered. The systems has also enabled us to be able to add on further terminals and users as the business has grown.

As a Company we have been using Datatime for a number of years. We now have four sites that are all interlinked using Focus Enterprise. Since the implementation of this system we have been able to allocate and monitor staffing budgets for the managers to adhere to and are able to continually review and maintain sickness, holidays and unauthorised absences far more coherently than ever before. By also giving managers the ability to input rota’s it’s a godsend, as it enables managers to keep a constant eye that staff are working contracted hours. Not sure how we managed without it before!

Metal Processing Services

Since having the Focus Time & Attendance System installed by Data Time over 4 years ago has really been beneficial to our business. It has never let us down and have never had to restore the system.

We are very pleased not only with the Focus Time and Attendance system but the professional service received from Datatime as a company.

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