Managing your workforce 
from the cloud...

What is Focus .NET?

Focus NET includes all of our favorite Focus Core features, functionality and reports which can all be accessed remotely via a PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone. Within the web based application you can continue to monitor, track and report on your workforce. Key Features can be seen below

Accessible from around the world

Be in control of your Workforce 24/7

Detailed Reports at the touch of a button

Live alerts straight to your device

Build and Rota Staff Remotely

The Rota module within Focus NET has been designed with the end-user in mind, removing the need for multiple spreadsheets. The Rota's simple interface enables the user to simply click and assign specific shifts (and working patterns) to an individual worker or a larger pool. Examples on the left can be seen with colour coordinated groups/cost centre's to help easily identify areas at a glance.


View and amend clocking data against specific employees, working with the Exception module you can easily identify any clocking infringements that need to be reviewed. The timesheet allows you to click into the exact field you are wanting to edit/add (or update). Any manual changes are logged within the Focus Audit trail and appear visually on an employees timesheet.

Reporting Suite

By default Focus NET comes with an elaborate range of reports, these reports include (but not limited to) Weekly Timesheets, Absences, Infringements, and Cost Variance, other reports are included. Running alongside the reports Focus offers numerous Payroll CSV outputs to a number of popular payroll providers. All reports in Focus can be exported into everyday formats (Excel, CSV, PDF and more)


Coupled with the Timesheet module we treat the exceptions as your daily 'To-Do List'. With an adjustable date range you can identify any clocking anomalies from previous days. This helps to capture any unscheduled overtime, missed clockings or absences at a glance. The intuitive menu allows you to simply click on the anomaly to adjust the individuals timesheet.

Who's IN?

The Watch screen module often referred to as the WHO'S IN screen allows you to identify which personnel are currently clocked IN (and at what time) and those who clocked OUT. With access to the Watch Screen via the internet, Staff check-ins can be completed even when away from the workplace.

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