Focus Core is a Time and Attendance solution that offers a sophisticated real-time view of your workforce to improve management and proactively respond to recurring issues. With our latest terminal selection, you can enable employees across either a single or multi-site location to record their attendance using market leading technology. Whether you prefer Finger-print biometric, Hand geometry readers, Face recognition or Proximity contact-less cards we have a solution that's right for you.

Attendance Monitoring

Focus can help identify any employees who are arriving late, leaving early or who flag an unauthorised absence.

Absence Management

Keep an eye on your workers holiday entitlements, holiday requests vs availability and unpermitted absence patterns.

Automatic Payroll

The ability to export your workers hours straight into your preferred payroll package.

Schedule & Rostering

 You can schedule workers to work set shifts, recurring patterns or simply roster hours by employee.

Cost Centre Analysis

Detailed cost centre analysis reports to help identify where time is spent and to monitor both hours and costs.

Reporting Suite

Loaded with a library of on-demand reports to help you collate key data. All reports are exportable to a alternative formats.

Clean, easy and simple user interface

With 3 primary software editions and Enterprise level customization, Focus can be configured to suit your needs. All application development has you, the end user in mind and offers an intuitive interface allowing you to concentrate on what matters most. Whether you are looking to export hours for payroll, monitor employee attendance, manage absence requests, schedule shift rotations or run reports, Focus can do all this and more. All the information you will require at your fingertips for total peace of mind.

Focus Lite is intended as a self-install plug and play product for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs).

  • Attendance Monitoring
  • Unlimited Shift Rules
  • Unlimited Employees
  • Basic Reporting
  • 6 Rates of Pay
  • Manage Overtime
  • Payroll Exports
  • Scheduled Data Downloads

Easy & intuitive to use enabling your organisation to track absence, lateness and manage payroll more efficiently. The Lite edition can also be upgraded should the needs of your business change.

Focus Pro is a powerful workforce management tool with advanced attendance monitoring and reporting  functions.

  • Includes All LITE Features
  • Employee Rota/Roster Setup
  • Manage Employee Exceptions
  • Flexitime Balances
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Fire Roll Call Integration
  • View Employee Calendar & Availability 
  • Live Data Downloads

Ideal for organisations of all sizes and available with a range of proximity and biometric terminals to cover all work environments. Designed to reduce operating costs and enable your business to pro-actively manage employees with access to real-time data.

More than just attendance monitoring


Real-Time Data

Rota & Schedules

Watch Screen

Personnel Records

Breaks & Bonuses

Fire Roll Call

E-Mail Alerts

Payroll Scripts

Timesheet Edits

Audit Logging

Bespoke Reports

For a full feature breakdown comparison chart please click below

Supported Payroll Package Providers

additional packages/providers available on request

Clocking terminals to fit every environment

Whether you prefer Finger-print biometric, Hand geometry readers, Face recognition or Proximity contact-less cards we have a solution that's right for you.





Proximity sensor

Bolt-On Modules

Employee Self-Service

Empower your workforce by allowing employees to request holidays, view timesheets, rotas and more using a PC, tablet or smartphone, at anytime, from anywhere.

Attendance Board

Optimise productivity by providing an accurate account of employee attendance (in real-time) whilst highlighting levels falling below a chosen threshold.


Notify line managers with site specific prompts to highlight areas requiring attention, including scheduled email alerts.

A tried and tested solution across all sectors..

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