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Conflict 1:

You want each employee to be responsible and arrive at work in a timely manner.
In the "real world" a little flexibility can be given so long as requests are sincere and well communicated.


Conflict 2:

As an employer, you need to maintain a pace to meet production requirements.
Given the choice you would rather an employee arrives late, then not at all.


Conflict 3:

Late penalties built into the system may deter employees from arriving late.
Late penalties don't work for many employees who are consistently late for work and may further diminish productivity for the remainder of their work day.


Conflict 4:

By not defining a lateness policy, organisations can sometimes develop a negative team culture and lower morale.
Pre-defined boundaries will align expectations and set the standard, whilst overall improving productivity and building a unified culture

It is estimated that employee lateness costs businesses £9 billion a year (according to a recent study conducted by Heathrow Express). No business is immune to the problem, but how you address it will have far reaching benefits in the long run.

There is no ‘single right answer’ to these common conflicts. We recommend a collaborative approach with employees, to help build trust, show flexibility and get the buy-in required for your policy to be successful. This should be unique to your business needs and product or service environment.

Having helped hundreds of companies nationwide, we know a thing or two about Time & Attendance...


      •How to implement the right technology for your business
      •How to configure your system to highlight infringements and spot repeat       
      •How to utilise all available tools when discussing outcomes with employees
       and build a positive, consistent culture within the workplace.
      •How to automate certain tasks, allowing you to concentrate on running your

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