Employees working from home? Focus on Attendance, Employee Self-Service

What you'll get with Focus Employee Self-Service 

The Focus Self-Service module has been developed for the mobile workforce. An easy to use application which offers remote workers the ability to log and review attendance records or request changes to hours worked. All managed through Focus Core’s unique employee permission set, allowing you to selectively empower your teams and encourage commitment.

Remote Web Clocking

Our remote web clocking enables employees to clock for their shifts from your online portal. The application can be accessed from any device with web browsing capabilities

Absence Request Tool

Allow employees to request Holidays, and any other approved absence within your business. All requests will filter into a Focus Administrators to-do list

Timesheets & Rota 

Give employees the ability to review their current and past timesheets to help dispute any pay queries. The Rota module allows workers to easily identify when they are next due in for work and what shift they have been assigned

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