Time & date stamp recorders

Multi-functional time stamps otherwise known as side printers are ideal for companies wishing to record a printable time stamp on their own company documentation. The variety of programmable print formats has enabled installation in a variety of work environments, such as local garages who wish to stamp service logs, educational institutions that require coursework proof of submission time stamps, pharmacies wishing to date stamp goods delivery to name a few. The side printer also doubles up as a time recorder for clocking employee attendance combined with our range of clock cards. For further advice and support finding the right product for your business please contact us on the free phone number above or complete our quick enquiry form. 


time and date stamp recorder

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Electronic Time Recorder

The Seiko TP-50 side printer is a versatile machine with options for standard time & date printing and pre-set or customised comments and counters. The built-in guide allows precise left or right sided printing to our own range of clock cards or your own documentation.

Key features include

• Easy adjustment of print position 
• 2 line printing by one action

• Backlit print area & printing mask
• PC Config. (Custom comments)
• 4 dedicated print pattern keys
• Memory back-up

• Wall or desk mounting

Sample Card


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