Our security patrol systems are a useful addition to your existing security plan. Improve security patrol processes with full guard accountability and keep your premises, property and personnel safe with consistent monitoring. For further information and guidance please call free on the number above or fill in our quick enquiry form. Additional check points and accessories are also available.


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Security Patrol System

DTS4 Tour Guards are helpful in monitoring security around a factory or large building. A simple scanner which is carried can scan the markers left in a specific location, making for a simple way of knowing who is where.  The ability to attach to fire doors or extinguishers allowing for better security and adherence to health and safety rules.

Whats Included?

• 1x Reader
• 1x Leather Holster
• 1x Download Station
• 10x Wall Chip Points
• 2x Guard ID Key Fob
• 1x Event Wallet
• 1x Software CD


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