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Finger Biometrics

Hand Geometry

Facial Recognition


Finger Geometry

Our range of market leading biometric fingerprint scanner operates by reading an individuals fingerprint and can be combined with a Pin or Fob. Once the finger is verified a date and time stamp is recorded. As all fingerprints are stored as a mathematical algorithm there is no chance that a fingerprint can be replicated, this ensures that our finger biometric terminals remains GDPR compliant and eliminate any one employee clocking for another.

For all details and specifications relating to our biometric fingerprint terminal, please check out the brochure below.

Hand Geometry

The most durable biometric unit to date, the Hand-Punch 3000e is a robust, reliable and secure biometric attendance terminal. Ideally suited to environments that have higher levels of dust, dirt and debris but where biometric is still preferred. Both quick and easy to use the clocking In/OUT process is completed in seconds. The Hand-Punch works by measuring the contour of the individuals hand as opposed to any fingerprint biometric.

For further information and specifications relating to our Hand-scan terminal type check out our brochure below.

Facial Recognition

The FaceStation 2 is todays most advanced facial recognition attendance terminal. The FaceStation offers unrivalled verification speeds and accuracy with high levels of security.

For further information and specifications relating to the FaceStation terminal type check out our brochure below.

Proximity Card/Fob

Our HRX Proximity Clocking Terminals come with a standard RFID reader (Mifare and other readers avaliable on request).

The HRX Proximity Terminals come in a series of 3 different variations, we have the HRX1000, HRX3000 & HRX5000.

Some of the key features of the HRX range:-

- Network ready (Plug and Play)
- Cost Centre / Department Costing (Keypad optional)
- Robust internal reader
- Eliminates employee queues, fast & efficient clocking in/out

- HRX1000
The 1000 has been designed to cater for the entry level solutions suitable for the smaller businesses who are looking for a simple computer based time attendance solution (Focus Lite).

- HRX3000
Comes ready equipped with a fire alarm relay (for automatic roll call reporting). Allows for a keypad to be installed, useful for business in/out and cost centre/departmental clocking's.

- HRX5000
In addition to the 3000, the 5000 model comes ready to control and support door access, handle bell/alarm sounders (also keypad compatible).