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The Focus Workflow module comes as a bolt-on option and is only available with the Pro & Enterprise versions of Focus. Within the workflow you are able to setup, define and customise your own system health markers, to-do lists and alerts. Whether viewing employees who have clocked IN late, monitoring budgets against workers in a specific department, pro-actively managing No-shows, setting prompts for employee renewals (signal end of probationary periods, review dates, fork lift or HSE renewals etc) and much more.

Some of the key features of the workflow include:-

- System level warnings
Once created, all workflows operate by a "traffic light" Notifier (based on the numbers and settings you have predefined into each workflow):-

Red - Action Required
Amber - Monitor Closely
Green - All ok!

- Scheduled / Automatic Reports
The workflow reports can be setup and scheduled to be emailed to specific individuals, such as department or line managers. These reports can be scheduled for specific times of the day, 7 days a week. Alternatively we send the reports at specific times to any network printer.

Employee Self Service

The Focus Self Service (ESS) module can be accessed remotely by workers via PC, Laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone. From within the Self Service module workers have the ability to clock IN/OUT, view their own timesheets, Rota's, check availability and view their calendar. They can also request a holiday and await approval from a supervisor (absence/holiday bookings).

- Geographic or Online clocking In/Out
Employees (if given the correct permissions) are capable of clocking IN/OUT from within the ESS module, geolocation can also be applied to these clocking's to pinpoint workers whereabouts at the time of the clocking.

- Timesheets
Enables workers to be able to view their own personal timesheets and the hours they have worked, absences taken and comments against any edited data, reducing unnecessary interaction with an already busy payroll department.

- Absence & Holiday Bookings
Employees can view their own personal Calender, view their remaining entitlement, request holidays and schedule in appointments/absence requests. All bookings made through the employee ESS will await administrator confirmation through the main Focus application.

- Rota 
Allows workers to be able to check their planned shifts for the current and upcoming weeks, this can help to plan holidays and appointments.

Attendance Board

FAB (Focus Attendance Board) operates via an internal URL link and can be displayed on a Smart TV,  via Monitors, Tablets or mobile phones. The FAB will monitor departments and shifts that fall below expected levels. These levels are colour coded similar to the red, amber and green alerts within the workflow module. The FAB allows supervisors to quickly establish which department or shift has which workers present. This can be helpful to identify which areas may require additional resources. Beyond showing Who's IN, the FAB can also highlight the status of all employees who are clocked OUT of the business (incl; absence and holidays) and include a live count to help maintain maximum productivity.