Focus Tutorials
The following tutorials have been designed by Datatime in order to help users get to grips and understand the basics of the Focus software

Starter Tutorials

Episode 1

adding an employee

Episode 2

removing an employee

Episode 3

timesheet adjustments

Episode 4

dealing with day to day anomalies

Episode 5

running basic timesheet & payroll reports

Episode 6

biometric PIN setup

Episode 7

PIN Number Identifacation

Episode 8

managing biometric templates

Episode 9

backing up your data

Episode 10

creating a Focus user account

Episode 11

downloading latest data

Episode 12

biostation2 enrollment guide

Episode 13

terminal USB downloads

Episode 14

changing your Focus password

Episode 15

biomini enrollment guide

Episode 16

weekly rules

Episode 17

daily rules

Episode 18

work schedules

Episode 19

adding a holiday

Episode 20

viewing availability

Episode 21

creating Focus absence reasons

Episode 22

facestation2 enrollment

Episode 23

building a rota

Episode 24

changing employee cards

Episode 25

holiday report

Episode 26

lateness report

Episode 27

infringements report

Episode 28

daily timesheets

Episode 29

adding a new group

Episode 30

the rota day plan

Episode 31

biostation restart

Episode 32

rota schedule edit

Episode 33

holiday allowances

Episode 34

adding a workflow

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Coming Soon