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Processing employee hours does not have to be a headache. With careful planning and consideration, you should be able to optimise the solution to meet specific requirements.

This call is for YOU if...

• You’ve had enough of wasting time manually cross-checking timesheets due to a lack of confidence in the system

• You want a simple series of steps to follow to get the most out of your T&A system

• You need consistent, good quality data, month in-month out

• You are fed up with the high number of pay queries each month

On This Consultation Phone Call, We Will

Find out where you are right now and your goals for the future

Start to diagnose where the problems and blockages are for you

• Agree ideal system priorities and get you moving in the right direction

• Identify any simple configuration options to automate tasks and save you time

Finally, be in control of your workforce data and your time

Increase Productivity

A number of configuration options, allow you to define the best setup for your needs to offer the perfect combination of automation and control.

Improve Your ROI

Databases built by our experts from the ground up to make sure you get the results you want automatically and eliminate pay queries.

Empower Your Workforce

In an ever-changing business landscape, utilise the Self-Service App to allow employees to clock IN remotely, request absences, view schedules, timesheets and more.

As a Company we have been using Datatime Systems for a number of years. We now have four sites that are all interlinked using the Focus System. Since the implantation of this system we have been able to place staffing budgets for the managers to work to, we are able to continually review and maintain sickness, holidays and unauthorised absences. For us as care home managers the ability to input rota’s is a godsend it enables us to keep a constant eye that staff are working contracted hours. Not sure how we managed without it before.

Viv Fletcher

Care Home Manager

We're here at every step

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

1. Let's talk  
Here at Datatime we believe in finding the right product to match your needs. Through a carefully crafted Q&A and analysis we can better understand your requirements and pain points to guide you towards the ideal solution, including a full demonstration.

2. Preparation is key  
Once you are completely happy with our offering and have signed off the proposal, we enter the pre-installation planning phase. Our experts will carefully build and pre-configure your database ready for deployment as we collectively work towards phase three..

3. We've got this  
We offer full installations nationwide. Our skilled technicians will complete your hardware and software installation, deploy the pre-build database, test configuration, and execute initial user training.

4. Here to serve  
After the installation is complete, we follow up to make sure you are getting the results you want from the solution, before signing off the project. Beyond this phase, we look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you and your team…and remember no question is too small.

When the WHY is clear... The How is easy.

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