Proximity Card/Fob

Our HRX Proximity Clocking Terminals come with a standard RFID reader (Mifare and other readers avaliable on request).

The HRX Proximity Terminals come in a series of 3 different variations, we have the HRX1000, HRX3000 & HRX5000.

Some of the key features of the HRX range:-

- Network ready (Plug and Play)
- Cost Centre / Department Costing (Keypad optional)
- Robust internal reader
- Eliminates employee queues, fast & efficient clocking in/out

- HRX1000
The 1000 has been designed to cater for the entry level solutions suitable for the smaller businesses who are looking for a simple computer based time attendance solution (Focus Lite).

- HRX3000
Comes ready equipped with a fire alarm relay (for automatic roll call reporting). Allows for a keypad to be installed, useful for business in/out and cost centre/departmental clocking's.

- HRX5000
In addition to the 3000, the 5000 model comes ready to control and support door access, handle bell/alarm sounders (also keypad compatible).